vegetable and fruit list games: Best free printables for teens

The vegetable and fruit list game is a free printable worksheet for preschool with cute vegetables. An activity to do with your children at home or at school. These worksheets are intended for children the age of 3 and up. Your child will learn counting, simple addition, tracing, matching, and more. Here is the list of games listed below:

Vegetable and fruit list of printable games

  • Tracing practice
  • Cutting practice
  • Vegetable flashcards
  • Association games (picture-picture, picture-word, whole-part) from smallest to largest
  • Size clearance
  • Word tracing cards
  • Which is different?
  • What comes next?
  • Write the numbers
  • Counting game
  • Count and match
  • Math game
  • Math cards
  • Number puzzles
  • I spy (count the objects)

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